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Major Luther Meade Blackman: At a Glance

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  • Major Luther Meade Blackman: At a Glance
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  • At a Glance series: Book #2.

Major Luther Meade Blackman was a Major in the Union Army during the Civil War. Due to his detailed records while quartermaster the world gets a clearer image of the dealings during the war, as well as more accurate war records. Blackman was a powerful officer and skilled soldier in the Fourth Tennessee Calvary.
In addition to his military history, Blackman has become known for his political work, and his accused part in the false forgery of the Bat Creek Stone. His life was a very interesting one with highs and lows.
Blackman was very family oriented. Much of his story can be traced back to his family life. While some parts were blissful, others were sour moments that held him back in many ways. However, Blackman never gave up and pushed on to land his small part in history.
This book is only a small glimpse into the story of Major Blackman, focusing mostly on his home life. It in no way covers the vast tell of his life, but does allow us to peek into it and get to know him as not just a politician and a war hero, but a real person. Blackman’s success can be contributed to his life experience. There is nowhere else that anyone will find the true and personal life story of Major Luther Meade Blackman.

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