Bat Creek Stone: At a Glance

About Mandel Cook

Mandel Cook was born in Dunlap, Tennessee in 1983 to Lois and Ted Cook. He is proudly a graduate of Hiwassee College in Madisonville, TN. It was while attending Hiwassee that he met his wife Rachel. Rachel is the great-great-grand daughter of Major Luther Meade Blackman, a key individual in Mandel’s writings. It was at Hiwassee that Mandel first met Professor Lowell Kirk. Professor Kirk was the first person to introduce him to the story of Major Blackman and his connection to the Bat Creek Stone.

Mandel now lives in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee, but frequently visits Major Blackman’s home which belongs to his in-laws.  The home sits just miles away from where the stone was unearthed in 1889.

While writing is simply a hobby for him, he hopes that his current books will lead to many more books and opportunities. He plans on writing many additional books in multiple genres including fiction. Though, for now he is just happy to be able to share his knowledge on the Bat Creek Stone and Major LM Blackman.

In addition to writing, Mandel is a musician and dabbles in photography, as well as producing films.